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Stainless Steel and Corrosion Free Conveyor Systems

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company offers stainless steel conveyor systems which are great for a variety of industries including, food, pharmaceutical, and many more! These conveyor systems offer a corrosion-free solution for applications where a rust-free environment is required. Ideal for situations where performance, reliability, and cleanliness are important. Thomas Conveyor offers 8 different stainless-steel conveyor systems to meet your needs and workplace.

The Re-Flow Accumulation Table Modular Conveyor has a unique design that prevents product jams and allows for uniformed single file product orientation. Product is re-circulated to the accumulation zones, which relives backpressure. This conveyor allows for a large product accumulation in a small area.

The Table Top Chain Conveyor manufactured by Modular Conveyor Express can be used in a variety of industries. It’s ideal for situations where product accumulation is necessary. The food industry uses Table Top Conveyors to convey bottles, cans, and pouches while the manufacturing industry utilizes them for parts handling and assembly applications.

The Mat Style Conveyor is a thermoplastic conveyor belt constructed from a series of flights attached together by connecting rods. The Mat Conveyor has plastic sprockets which ensure positive belt tracking and it has a wide range of features that include durability, wash down, impact, and much more! It can run up to speeds of 300 feet per minute and handle heavy loads.

The Low-Profile Belt Conveyor by Modular Conveyor Express is ideal for applications where accurate, smooth product handling is required. These belt conveyors are available in a variety of configurations and are great for industries such as food processing, manufacturing, and electronic assembly applications.

The Rotary Table Conveyor can be used for a variety of applications. These turntables are used for unscrambling and single filing containers prior to filling, capping, and labeling, applications. They are ideal for use in packaging, processing, and assembly in the food and manufacturing industries.

The Vertical Lift Gripper conveyor is a compact solution to move products from one elevation to another using minimal floor space. Ideal for applications where an incline belt conveyor is not applicable, the Vertical Lift Gripper is suitable for a wide range of products, including glass jars, cans, plastic containers, and much more!

The ARB™ Case Diverter Conveyor is used to direct packages on to lanes or out of lanes. This conveyor can enhance the productivity of your sanitary case diverting conveyor application.  Depending on the application, they can be designed with pneumatics, servo drives, or a combination of both.  

The Lane Diverters Conveyor by Modular Conveyor Express divides containers and packages from infeed lanes to multiple discharge lanes at high speed, efficiency, and accuracy. They can handle the simplest divert pattern or ones that divert to multiple discharge lanes. Depending on the application, they can be designed with pneumatics, servo drives, or a combination of both.  

Learn more about all of our Stainless-Steel conveyors by clicking on each below. We have experts that can help you determine which one is right for you! Contact us today to learn more.


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Stainless steel un-scrambler and singulator conveyor for jam free product flow.
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Modular Conveyor Express (MCE) quick ship stainless steel and carbon steel Table Top Chain Conveyors.
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Mat Top Plastic Belt Conveyor in stainless steel and carbon steel frame design ships in 5 – 10 working days.
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Low Profile belt conveyor – Stainless Steel – Modular Conveyor Express (MCE)
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MCE Rotary Turntable, Accumulation Table, & Unscrambling Table are used for accumulating, sorting and orientating products.
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Vertical Lift Gripper Elevator covers minimal floor space and transports product over elevation changes.
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